Drake’s best jumpers

Vulture counts down the very best sweaters, wooly and otherwise, of famous rapper Drake.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Many Sweaters of Drake “Drake is, in many ways, an atypical rap star. There are the immediately apparent reasons as to why (his Jewishness, his Degrassi-ness), ones less so (his careful, vulnerable lyricism) — and then there is a reason that falls somewhere outside of the two poles. And that is: Drake loves sweaters. Loves ‘em. He rocks sweaters for live shows, late-night appearances, music-video shoots, the club — basically, wherever one would wear a sweater if one were a famous rapper who liked sweaters. Really, sweaters have not been a staple of the rap star’s wardrobe since, as far as we can tell, Biggie and Coogi. Which means Drake’s appreciation for, and elegant usage of, the sweater is another less-heralded element of his subtle yet persistent hip-hop iconoclasm. Now, with the rising temperatures just about putting us out of sweater weather for a while, Vulture comes to salute: the many sweaters of Drake.” – nymag.com