Drake – Come Thru (James Blake version)

They're both brilliant, both a bit glum and they rhyme: Blake meets Drake.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Remember the wonderful James Drake mixtape of 2011? Ignoring the politics of its Australian namesake, the fun Mediafire upload was one very committed fan's vision of how these melancholy artists might sound when their songs were cut and pasted onto each other. The happy truth, though, is that even those heady imaginings of the 'James Blake'/'Take Care' era couldn't come close to how good this new James Blake version of Drake's Come Thru actually sounds. Recalling the buzziest, highest highs of Blake's latest album 'Overgrown' – namely the hyperactive synths of Life Round Here – and matching them with Drake at his most pensive, the track sees the Toronto superstar glide nonchalantly over the London-based artist's plush production. If you need us we'll be listening several more times. Download it here.

Young Money/Republic released 'Nothing Was The Same' in September 2013. Polydor released 'Overgrown' in May 2013. 

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