Dozens hospitalised with carbon monoxide poisoning after Oslo cave rave

Diesel generators pushed the oxygen levels in the cave down to dangerous readings of 16%


Words by: Billy Ward

Twenty-five people have been rushed to hospital with carbon monoxide poisoning after attending a packed cave party in Oslo, it is reported.

Around 200 people attended the event in the Norwegian capital for a birthday party, however attendees were not aware of the dangers that a diesel generator used to power a sound system could possess if used in confined spaces.

Out of the 25 hospitalised, seven were unconscious when police turned up and five were critically injured. Two police officers were also taken away for treatment after being exposed to the gas when evacuating the party goers.

Oslo Fire Service told reporters that the diesel generators and lack of space pushed the oxygen levels down to dangerous readings of 16% for the hundreds of ravers inside the cave. The fire brigade worked through the night to drive fresh air into the vicinity.

“Carbon monoxide poisoning should be taken seriously, and several there were under the influence of drugs when they left, it could have been a lot worse,” Arve Rotterud of Oslo Police said.

“We encourage anyone who was at the party and has experienced discomfort to contact the health service,” the police force outlined in a further statement.

Police in the UK are currently bolstering their attempts to crack down on illegal raves, using newly-instated powers that allow them to fine organisers of events with over 30 people £10,000.

While in Wuhan, the epicentre of Covid-19, thousands attended an electronic music festival at a water park without social distancing measures in place last month.

Michael Eavis recently said he was unsure if Glastonbury festival would return in 2021.

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