Download No Age’s new single, Glitter

Get the lead single from 'Everything In Between', the LA Noise/Pop Punk duo's new album, for free.


Words by: Charlie Jones

‘Everything In Between’ is No Age’s third album, their second on Sub Pop, after FatCat collected their EPs on ‘Weirdo Rippers.’ Glitter is the lead single, it’s out on the same day as ‘Everything In Between’, the 23rd August. You can download it on the right, and stream the B-side here

Randy and Dean from Wives formed the Power Pop / Noise /Punk band No Age in 2005 and played lots of shows in LA’s famous “space” the Smell. They are now very famous. A couple of months ago, Dummy interviewed Randy, and he had this to say about the (then unfinished) record:

“It’s hard to describe but I think it’s sounding like now we’ve had a bit more time to sit with the songs, we’re maturing, not getting boring, just getting … richer. I don’t know, I can never describe my music, what do you say? I like it.”

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Sub Pop will release No Age’s album ‘Everything In Between’ by No Age on August 23, 2010.