Download Cold Cave’s anti-traffic mixtape

Dude from Cold Cave's uploaded a pretty tape of folk songs (Incredible String Band, Vasti Bunyan, Arthur Russell, all that kumbayah stuff) to aid "the exhaustion of traffic".


Words by: Charlie Jones

Posted to “Cold Cave’s tumblr“ over the weekend is this CD of “Songs for the summer indoors against the exhaustion of traffic outside.” Download it *from Wetransfer now. *

On The Way, To The Way, To The Way tracklisting

T.A.S.K.- Holy Coffee
Arthur Russell- ‘Instrumentals’ Volume 2
The Gun Club- My Dream
Incredible String Band- First Girl I Loved
Asylum Party- Julia
Martin Rev- Mari
Robert Bly- Monet’s Haystacks
The Go-Betweens- Karen
Clive Culbertson- Time To Kill
La Dusseldorf- White Overalls
Spike In Vain- Party In The Ground
The Charlatans- A Man Needs To Be Told
Robert Creeley- Ten Things To Do In Tokyo
Richard Brautigan- Boo, Forever
Vashti Bunyan- Pink Sugar Elephants
Love And Rockets- Earth, Sun, Moon
Billy Bragg- A New England

How nice.

Matador released Cold Cave’s album ‘Cherish The Light Years’ on April 4th 2011

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