Clams Casino releases ‘Instrumentals 3’ mixtape

King of haze drops the third and final entry into the Instrumental Mixtape series, with beats for A$AP Rocky and more.


Clams Casino, the hip hop producer that all but introduced the word "hazy" into the critical lexicon, has shared the third and final entry to his 'Instrumental Mixtape' series.

It was all a fairly simple and fanfare-free release, with Clams tweeting "Rt if u want inst tape 3 today" last night – and RT is exactly what people did. The tape contains instrumentals for the likes of A$AP Rocky, Mac Miller, DOOM, and Mikky Ekko, as well as a handful of previously unreleased tracks. Oh, and if the word "final" catches you off guard, it's simply the final instrumental mixtape – we're sure you'll see his name on many a producer credit and solo track in the future.

Hilariously, the original download link that he shared contained a Trojan horse virus, but you can stream and download the separate tracks on his Soundcloud below. It's currently missing its 13th track, but that'll probably end up on there soon.

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