A new documentary examines the controversies surrounding UK drill

The feature-length film looks into the explosion of the genre, along with censorship and violence associated with it


Words by: Felicity Martin

Terms & Conditions: A UK Drill Story is a new documentary by YouTube Originals delving into the UK drill scene, getting deep into the mechanics and musicality of the genre as well as its links to violence.

The film features high profile artists, music producers, community leaders, lawyers, police officers and mothers whose sons have been killed.

It begins describing the genre’s origins in Chicago, its translation into the UK in 2012 and how it has enabled a generation of underprivileged people to become independent creators and businesspeople, while taking themselves out of poverty.

The documentary speaks to Skengdo x AM, the duo who were handed suspended nine-month prison sentences for performing their own tracks, investigating the concerted effort by the UK government to censor drill artists.

Where drill has largely been a male-fronted genre, Terms & Conditions also spotlights female drill artists Abigail & Vanessa and Lavida Loca, who we named one of the most exciting artists for 2020.

Watch the feature-length documentary:

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