DJ Rick & DJ Wilson – Na Paz [stream]

The best track from new kuduro compilation is an Angolan hardcore wonder that will make you sob.


Words by: Charlie Jones

French DJs Jess & Crabbe have this week released ‘Jess & Crabbe Present Bazzerk: African Digital Dance’, a record that shows off the global reach of what loosely falls under the umbrella of bass music. Bringing together largely exclusive tracks from Kuduro artists – a form of digital dance music originating in Angola in the 1980s and then later spreading to Portugal – it’s a collection brimming with uptempo spirit and creativity.

This track from DJ Rick & DJ Wilson is our pick of the bunch, with it’s scattering beats and hardcore swing, glazed over with ghostly, simmering synths.

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Mental Groove released ‘Jess & Crabbe Presents Bazzerk: African Digital Dance’ on 11th July 2011