DJ Paypal – You Got Me

Mystery producer lands on LuckyMe with an EP of juke meets disco. Stream new track You Got Me Inside.


DJ Paypal – the man, the myth – put out a new EP via LuckyMe the other week.

Somehow, this is one of Paypal's first official releases, although since he put out his debut release with Sewage Tapes in 2012 he's been firing out collaborations, trance hybrids, and Drake edits aplenty. You'll be hard pressed to find anyone in the underground who works at the rate that he does.

The 'Buy Now' EP joins the dots between juke and disco to create a surprisingly heartfelt and stirring collection of tracks. It also bangs and sounds super fresh, so that's good too.

Stream You Got Me now, otherwise you can buy the six-track white label EP that it features on over at his website.

DJ Paypal 'Buy Now' EP tracklist:

01. I’m Ready
02. You Got Me
03. Sonnade
04. Don’t Stop
05. bEbay
06. Fire

LuckyMe released the 'Buy Now' EP on January 21st 2015 (buy).

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