DJ Haus X DTL – Hurt U Baby

Hear an undeniably classic-sounding slice of UK garage from the Unknown to the Unknown boss.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Unknown to the Unknown – the London-based record label headed by DJ Haus – have always struck a good balance between nostalgia and the heady, genre-blurring sense of doing something new. The new DJ Haus track, a collaboration with Trouble & Bass founder Drop the Lime, is a rough, propulsive, but undeniably classic-sounding slice of UK garage, juxtaposing gnarled low-end with sleek, sliced-up vocals. Like the best garage, the beat constantly feels like it’s slipping away, always on the verge of stumbling down the rabbit hole somewhere.

Hurt U Baby” will be on DJ Haus’s debut album ‘Thug Houz Anthems’, out later this year on UTTU.

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