Diplo credits “bubbling” artist behind that great Azealia Banks song

Dutch loud dance music artist DJ Master D collaborated with the global bass producer's beat for Fuck Up The Fun.


Words by: Charlie Jones

As Fuck Up The Fun by Azealia Banks hit the internet yesterday, several people (including Drums Of Death’s Colin Bailey, on our Facebook page) noticed a similarity to a tune by Dutch producer DJ Master D, below. DJ Master-D is the key proponent of a sound called bubbling. Coming from the port areas of The Netherlands, it’s a riotous blend of house, dancehall and Senegalese music, reflective of Dutch multicultural life. For those curious, Planet Mu’s compilation Anti-G Presents Kentje’sz Beatsz is a fantastic place to start digging into this wonderful, wonderful music.

Anyway, several people on Soundcloud noticed the similarity, with DJ Dulce V FAAAAAAAAAAAKKEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS TRACK IS FROM DJ-MASTER D!! GIVE IT BACK THIEFF!!!!!!”, Le’Main writing “THE GUY IS A BIG THIEFF !! GIVE THE TRACK BACK TO MY NEPHEW DJ MASTER-D !! AND GIVE HIM THE CREDITS THAT HE DESERVESDIPLO IS A TRACK JACKERRRRRRRR!!!” and Dj-Lucky-Gio saying “I know this dj (master-d) for so long and so he would never do something. Just as a great artist and who takes Diplo someone else nr without asking very weak and on professionally. Lucky-Gio Rotterdam Holland!!!”.

Now, Diplo has clarified the situation with Pitchfork, writing in an email “‘Mad Drumz’ was a staple in my set for years … gets kids into bubbling. These guys are my homies. If anyone can really help break these underground movements it’s a young artist like Azealia Banks. I’m so excited for her whole party right now. She’s not afraid of doing anything and a lot of people are following suit.”

Seemingly on a mission to publicise bubbling, Diplo tweeted “Ok DjMasterD1 DjShaunD @RelizeMusic i think 2012 we gonna bring bubbling worldwide….” last night (along with some pictures of sloths and anecdotes about DJing Björk’s party). He’s putting his money where his mouth is too, releasing It’s About to Go Down by MasterD and DJ Shaun-D on his Jeffrees label.

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