Diplo credits “bubbling” artist behind that great Azealia Banks song

Dutch loud dance music artist DJ Master D collaborated with the global bass producer's beat for Fuck Up The Fun.


Words by: Charlie Jones

As Fuck Up The Fun by Azealia Banks hit the internet yesterday, several people (including Drums Of Death’s Colin Bailey, on our Facebook page) noticed a similarity to a tune by Dutch producer DJ Master D, below. DJ Master-D is the key proponent of a sound called bubbling. Coming from the port areas of The Netherlands, it’s a riotous blend of house, dancehall and Senegalese music, reflective of Dutch multicultural life. For those curious, Planet Mu’s compilation Anti-G Presents Kentje’sz Beatsz is a fantastic place to start digging into this wonderful, wonderful music.

Anyway, several people on Soundcloud noticed the similarity, with DJ Dulce V FAAAAAAAAAAAKKEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS TRACK IS FROM DJ-MASTER D!! GIVE IT BACK THIEFF!!!!!!”, Le’Main writing “THE GUY IS A BIG THIEFF !! GIVE THE TRACK BACK TO MY NEPHEW DJ MASTER-D !! AND GIVE HIM THE CREDITS THAT HE DESERVESDIPLO IS A TRACK JACKERRRRRRRR!!!” and Dj-Lucky-Gio saying “I know this dj (master-d) for so long and so he would never do something. Just as a great artist and who takes Diplo someone else nr without asking very weak and on professionally. Lucky-Gio Rotterdam Holland!!!”.

Now, Diplo has clarified the situation with Pitchfork, writing in an email “‘Mad Drumz’ was a staple in my set for years … gets kids into bubbling. These guys are my homies. If anyone can really help break these underground movements it’s a young artist like Azealia Banks. I’m so excited for her whole party right now. She’s not afraid of doing anything and a lot of people are following suit.”

Seemingly on a mission to publicise bubbling, Diplo tweeted “Ok DjMasterD1 DjShaunD @RelizeMusic i think 2012 we gonna bring bubbling worldwide….” last night (along with some pictures of sloths and anecdotes about DJing Bj√∂rk’s party). He’s putting his money where his mouth is too, releasing It’s About to Go Down by MasterD and DJ Shaun-D on his Jeffrees label.