Digitalis to reissue Leven Signs’ avant garde album, ‘Hemp Is Here’

The Oklahoma label will reissue the lost UK new wave album in February.


Words by: Karen Chan

Originally released in 1985, Leven Signs’ weird but wonderful pop experimental longplayer ‘Hemp Is Here’ will be reissued on Oklahoma label Digitalis Recordings in February, with exact release date to be confirmed. Comprised of London’s Peter Karkut and Maggie Turner, the new wave duo’s album first came out on cassette via Unlikely Records and on 12” vinyl via Cordelia, though it came and went in the blink of an eye. According to label boss Brad Rose, “due to the album’s impossible-to-find status, it’s been largely forgotten and continuously overlooked, but hopefully that will begin to change.”

Listen to a track taken from Leven Signs – ‘Hemp Is Here’ below:

Digitalis Recordings will reissue Leven Signs – ‘Hemp Is Here’ LP in February, 2013