Dialect – Chroma

Slow, tranquil, and really very beautiful new music from Dialect, out on superlative internet label Tasty Morsels.


It's been a while since we heard from Tasty Morsels. A low-key internet label/collective, Morsels have consistently blown us away with releases of dreamy, adventurous, richly-composed, and beautifully-produced music made by a small group of individuals adopting a host of bizarre aliases like "Old Man", "Quacker", "Cute Boobs", and so on.

Dialect is an artist who has released with the label before under different names. Belonging to one A.P.M. Hunt, Dialect is, we guess, best described as an ambient project. Their new album 'Advanced Myth' – the second Tasty Morsels album, following Column's 'A Year In Your Garden', released in late 2013 – is made up of slow, tranquil compositions littered with field recordings, old synthesizers, pianos, and brass.

Or, as Morsels put it (in full lowercase): captured in full on an exposed hillside and littered with recordings of birdsong and oblivious ramblers, 'advanced myth' is an album only a pious hermit could create. it is a seamless documentary of coincidence and pilgrimage. it is a good album of music.

Watch the video for the rather gorgeous Chroma above, download it at Soundcloud, and wait for Valentine's Day to download the whole album for free.

Dialect 'Advanced Myth' tracklist:

01. Developers
02. Hung Rose
03. Teams
04. The Youniverse
05. Shatters
06. Chroma
07. Strange Grave
08. Unanswered Prayers
09. Watermarks
10. Jabba
11. First Breath
12. Waterfall End Sequence

Tasty Morsels release 'Advanced Myth' on February 14th 2015.

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