Deptford Goth – People Get Still

Daniel Woolhouse's latest mutant R&B track is for the hour of the night when you swap numbers.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Deptford Goth – who fails entirely to live up to his moniker by being both a Peckham resident and a Mariah Carey fan – has released a new song to to the world as he completes his forthcoming album for Merok.

“_People Get Still_ is a track I wrote towards the beginning of getting stuff together for the record,” says the artist also known as Daniel Woolhouse. “I never really quite finished it and it’s not going to be on the album but I wanted to share it. Today we start mixing the record and I’m excited and scared. Not sure if there’s a word to encompass the two.”

With cracked and echoed vocals, Woolhouse sings the line “If I believe in nothing then nothing is gonna get me” over an epic backdrop of smoochy ’80s synths and end-of-the-night slow dance vibes. In other words: slinky.

Deptford Goth also gave Dummy an exclusive mix last autumn to mark the release of his ‘Youth II’ EP.“

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