Hear New York producer Bryce Hackford’s remix of Delia Gonzalez’s new album ‘In Remembrance’

New York producer Bryce Hackford remixes the four tracks on DFA veteran Delia Gonzalez's new album.


Delia Gonzalez is releasing her new album 'In Remembrance' via DFA next week.

Gonzalez's name will be familiar to keen DFA fans: together with Gavin Russom, she released some of DFA's best records, including the astounding 'Days of Mars' album, the Carl Craig-remixed Relevee, and the lesser known but no less absolutely incredible, 100% unfuckwithable, really just so good Casual Friday with Black Leotard Front.

This was all quite a few years ago, though – for the past decade or so, Gonzalez's name hadn't really popped up. Turns out she was just continuing her artistic practise across Europe in the interim: the foundations for 'In Remembrance' were laid in 2010, when she developed a solo show featuring four 16mm ballet dance films with music by Gonzalez which went on to be exhibited in Naples, Cologne, Zurich, and New York City.

In New York, she got the help of underground electronic musician Bryce Hackford to remix each of the tracks from the exhibition, which feature on the second disc of the album. Bryce varies what he does with the tracks – sometimes they're abstracted beats that place the emphasis on texture and mood, other times they're four-to-the-floor techno tracks – but he ensures that they retain the fundamental qualities of Gonzalez's originals.

Delia Gonzalez 'In Remembrance' tracklist:

01. I
02. II
03. III
04. IV
05. Remix I
06. Remix II
07. Remix III
08. Remix IV

DFA/[PIAS] Co-Operative release 'In Remembrance' on April 27th 2015 (pre-order).

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