Deftones doing witch house

In :/ news, nu metal band frontman Chino Moreno has announced his new witch house project '†††'.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Deftones frontman Chino Moreno, known for his nu metal anthems, has announced the details of his latest project – a witch house outfit entitled ‘†††’, or ‘Crosses’.

As part of the launch, Moreno is releasing a free five-track EP entitled ‘†’ (or, presumably, ‘Cross’), drenched in the trademark spookiness of the bedroom genre. There are reports that this is to be followed up with a full length album, with 16 tracks already recorded.


01 †his Is A †rick
02 Op†ion
03 Bermuda Locke†
04 †hholyghs†
05 †

The five track EP can be downloaded for free from the official Crosses facebook page .

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