Premiere: Death At Sea – Drag (acoustic)

Listen to glistening new guitar pop song from the harmony-loving Liverpool band.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Soft and sweet, the acoustic version of Liverpool band Death At Sea’s debut single Drag is a cosily familiar piece of harmony-laden, guitar-strung pop music. Instantly as affable as an old friend, this is a track that will usher you into submission with its jangles and pirouetting vocals, and a hook that will make itself at home in your mind for the foreseeable future.

Stream the luscious acoustic rendition below, and read on to discover a little bit more about the band behind it.

Hello Death at Sea! For the Dummy readers who aren’t already aware, care to introduce yourself?

Hi Dummy readers! We’re Death at Sea, a new band based in Liverpool.

How did you get into making music as a band?

We actually used to write together a long time before Death at Sea but it just never became a band as such. We decided to go for it properly in January and just started recording some tracks in our living room and people seemed to like them so here we are.

Are there any major influences on your music which you’d like to make a point of referring to?

We listen to all sorts. We always hear our stuff compared to “lo-fi 90s”, and we can’t deny that we love that music. Smashing Pumpkins, Pixies and Pavement are abundant in our playlists when we’re on the road. We’re also big fans of newer stuff like Deerhunter and White Denim so it varies.

Would you say Liverpool as a city has had a direct influence on your music at all?

Yes, but in the way that we want to do something completely different than what the city is known for already. There are some great bands still emerging from Liverpool, but in comparison to other cities right now it’s pretty quiet. It’s a good city to work from as it’s out of the way of a lot of the buzz of the industry.

What’s been your favourite new music of the year so far?

We played with Palma Violets a few months ago and loved what those guys are doing right now. Also managed to catch Paws and Japandroids last week in Manchester, incredible show and both bands have released amazing records this year. Just good guitar music basically.

‘Drag’ is out now via Kissability/Transgressive. Death At Sea will be touring with Haim this November – go here for dates.

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