DAWN is back with luxuriant slow jam ‘jealousy’


It’s been a minute since we heard from R&B luminary DAWN, following her gold standard LP of 2016, ‘Redemption’.

The artist formerly known as Dawn Richard has just unleashed ‘jealousy’, the first single from a new project billed as ‘new breed’. It’s a move away from the adrenalised sound of ‘Redemption’, employing a deep reggae beat that puts her soul-stirring vocal centre stage.

In the visual, directed by Monty Marsh, DAWN can be seen exploring her New Orleans roots and that of the Washitaw Nation, a tribe that has been in her family for generations. Handed a headdress sewn by Chief Montana of the tribe, she becomes one of the first women in history to don a chief’s headware, the press release states.

DAWN will embark on a tour with her Danity Kane bandmates under the name DK3 this September, and the electronic innovator is also adding a role in HBO’s Insecure to her acting credits.


‘new breed’ will be out in 2019 via Local Action/Our Dawn Entertainment.

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