David Lynch – Star Dream Girl / Are You Sure

Hear the new single and its B-side from increasingly-more-musician-than-filmmaker David Lynch.


Visionary genius, cinematic innovator and Eagle Scout from Missoula, Montana David Lynch recently announced a new album named ‘The Big Dream’, a follow-up to his 2011 LP ‘Crazy Clown Time’. Now, the first single from the album has emerged, along with its B-side.

The single is named Star Dream Girl and is an upbeat rock’n‘roll song which, according to Lynch, is about a woman who “people can’t wait to see” and who “come from miles around” in order to see (and dream) her. The B-side is somewhat more standard fare for Lynch, a drowsy ballad in the vein of his work with Angelo Badalamenti and Julee Cruise, but with a much meaner low end. The most pleasing thing about both cuts is that Lynch’s voice is generally put centre stage without the heavy vocoders and FX that characterised ‘Crazy Clown Time’. Stream them both below.

We recently told the story of David Lynch’s long musical career through alternative cuts and obscurities as part of our Digging Deep series, with an emphasis on his work as a songwriter, which you can read here.

Sunday Best will release ‘The Big Dream’ on the 15th July in Europe; Sacred Bones will release it on the 16th July in the US.