David Lynch has opened a nightclub in Paris

Surrealist filmmaker and musician has opened a Parisian club called Silencio that will officially be cooler than your local.


Words by: Charlie Jones

David Lynch’s first nightclub Silencio has opened its doors to the public in Paris. With smoked-glass walls, Buddhist cocktail bars and golden tunnels, the interior of the club is as decadently weird as you would expect from the creator of Twin Peaks, although the concept behind it is simple.

Lynch told L’Express, in an interview quoted in The Guardian, “Silencio is something dear to me. I wanted to create an intimate space where all the arts could come together. There won’t be a Warhol-like guru, but it will be open to celebrated artists of all disciplines to come here to programme or create what they want.”

With membership rates ranging from €420 – €1500, Silencio will be exclusively open, before midnight, to artists who wish to use its space creatively.

Sunday Best Recordings will release David Lynch’s debut LP ‘Crazy Clown Time’ on the 8th November 2011

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