David Bowie Estate teams up with leading NFT artists for new ‘Bowie On The Blockchain’ fundraiser

Pussy Riot's Nadya Tolokonnikova is among the 9 artists paying homage to Bowie...


Words by: Billy Ward

The David Bowie Estate has announced it will reveal a first-of-its-kind multiple artist NFT sale on September 13.

Bowie On The Blockchain’s NFT sale will feature Bowie-inspired custom-created original works from 9 of today’s leading Web3 artists, including Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, FEWOCiOUSDefaced, Lirona, Young & Sick, Osinachi, Johnathan Wolfe, JAKE, and Glam Beckett.

In partnership with OpenSea, the world’s leading peer-to-peer marketplace for NFTs, and We Love the Arts, the new Web3 venture of artist manager Andrew D. Keller and film producer Joaquin Acrich, the initiative has asked the artists to pay homage to David Bowie and his influence in their own unique way.

100% of The David Bowie Estate proceeds from the fundraiser will be donated to Benefit CARE, a leading humanitarian organisation fighting global poverty for which Bowie’s wife Iman is their Global Advocate.

“David Bowie is an icon and a trailblazer in every way, and we’re honoured to partner with his team to bring his legacy into web3,” said Ryan Foutty, VP of Business Development at OpenSea. “This incredible collection brings together some of the most groundbreaking NFT artists with Bowie artefacts to bring a new generation of fans together in web3.”

Speaking about the Bowie’s influence in more detail, Nadya of Pussy Riot said: “David Bowie to me is a Platonic ideal of an artist. Charismatic, passionate, imaginative, magnetic as fuck, he always puts art/curiosity/subversion over profit, a magician and a muse. I’m in awe and will always be. David Bowie is my dad.”

In keeping with a legacy that has ranged from redefining the parameters of live performance and gender roles in popular music, to pioneering methods of digital distribution and online community building, David Bowie’s influence is poised to impact another new frontier.

Sales will go live on September 13 on OpenSea.

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