Dave ID – SumR (Actress’s AZD mix)

London industrial provocateur remixed by London industrial romantic.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The funny thing about London is that when people come to visit and we mince along the Dalston strip eating Turkish food and impressing ourselves at Alibi, the real radicals spend their days and nights knuckling down away from the madding crowd. Dave ID and Actress are two great examples of this – guys of the city’s electronic music explosion, but, crucially, voluntarily detached, both dreaming up new ways of music, instead of new ways of never leaving Efes. Anyway, Actress has remixed Dave ID, and while it’s not the most obvious pairing, there’s a wonderful midpoint between Dave’s rage and Darren’s romance.

Dave ID – SumR (Actress’ AZD RAIN Remix) by DummyMag

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