Darkstar call on fans to share their favourite UK music venue for new project

"Anywhere that you went out or have a connection to or hold dear..."


Words by: Felicity Martin

Amid a concerning time for the UK’s club and venue industry, with the threat of closures looming thanks to Covid-19, Darkstar are rallying to help save the live industry.

The electronic duo recently put out fourth album ‘Civic Jams’ via Warp, a testament to public spaces like unused buildings, parks and libraries.

They’re now asking fans to submit their favourite music venues in the UK for a visual project accompanying next single ‘Blurred’.

James Young of Darkstar says: “We’re after venues/clubs/spaces that mean something to you. Anywhere that you went out or have a connection to or hold dear. The album is littered with references to venues/clubs/spaces that mean something to us and now we’d like your help in articulating what a particular space means to you.”

As artists, Darkstar have often explored themes of community and solidarity, as they did on 2015 album ‘Foam Island’ which explored pre-Brexit Britain and the effects of austerity.

To submit your favourite venue, and for more information about the project, head here.

Darkstar’s ‘Civic Jams’ is out now via Warp Records – listen here.