Darkstar announce new album ‘Foam Island’

The electronic duo's politically-focused third album lands on Warp in September, with new single Pin Secure streaming now.


Darkstar release their third album, 'Foam Island', on September 25th.

One of the finest electronic bands to emerge out of the UK the past decade, Darkstar started out as the duo of Aiden Whalley and James Young before vocalist James Buttery joined their ranks. After releasing their debut album 'North' through Hyperdub in 2010, they were promptly snatched up by Warp Records, who put out the colourful, Richard Formby-produced 'News From Nowhere' in 2013.

Since then, Buttery has left the group, leaving 'Foam Island' as the work of Whalley and Young once again. A press release describes the album as "contemporary electronic­-pop interlaced with powerful statements of community, society, and hope in the 21st century", dealing with themes of "political isolation, social disillusionment, and personal ambition". 

You can listen to new single Pin Secure now.

Darkstar play the ICA in London on November 4th. 

Darkstar 'Foam Island' tracklist:

01. Basic Things
02. Inherent in the Fibre
03. Stoke the Fire
04. Cuts
05. Go Natural
06. A Different Kind of Struggle
07. Pin Secure
08. Through the Motions
09. Tilly's Theme
10. Foam Island
11. Javan's Call
12. Days Burn Blue

Warp Records release 'Foam Island' on September 25th 2015 (buy).