Darkstar – A Day’s Pay For A Day’s Work (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix)

One of the year's most perfect melodies gets deconstructed as the Dummy AGM headliners prep two rework/remix EPs.


Darkstar's should-have-been-Mercury-nominated 'News From Nowhere' had many beautiful moments, but few more so than A Day's Pay For A Day's Work. At times listening to it I could swear it channelled the Beach Boys so elegantly it could stand its own against many of Brian Wilson's majestic moments. Not that you'd know it listening to this heavy duty, heads-down remix courtesy of Danilo Plessow, aka Motor City Drum Ensemble, who clearly ain't in the mood for humming along. 

The remix will appear alongside new versions of 'News From Nowhere' tracks Young Hearts and Armonica for an EP titled '01484' (FYI, Huddersfield's dial code, a reference to 'News From Nowhere' being recorded in West Yorkshire). That's not even the end of it: that EP will then be followed by 'HD7' (yup, the Huddersfield postal code). The most exciting news we've got on that so far is there'll be something of a Hyperdub circa '08 reunion going on, with Zomby set to line up a remix. Shouts to Fader for the premiere. 

Darkstar will headline our Dummy AGM event with oOoOO, CFCF and Micachu & Tirzah at London Fields Brewery next week – you can find full information on that here. Warp will release the '01484' EP on the 14th October, with 'HD7' set to follow before the end of the year.


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