Darkside – Paper Trails

Nicolas Jaar and Dave Harrington's band tease a new song from their upcoming album.


Darkside – the collaborative project between guitarist Dave Harrington and multi-tasker Nicolas Jaar – have shared a new song from their upcoming full-length 'Psychic'.

Paper Trails is as crackly and atmospheric as the previously shared Golden Arrow, but it differs insofar that it's an actual song, rather than the former's moodscape. It's much more akin to the poppier moments of Jaar's 'Space Is Only Noise' but with its guitar-ier tendencies bolstered – which basically what the entire Darkside project is all about.

Nicolas Jaar was recently added to The Barbican's Transcender season. Other People, the label run by Jaar and who are releasing the Darkside album, shared a new song by High Water last week.

Matador/Other People will release 'Psychic' on October 8th.

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