Daphni & Owen Pallett – Julia / Tiberius

Dan Snaith recruits the violinist for two minimal club rollers.


Dan Snaith – the man you may know as Caribou, Manitoba, or in this case, Daphni – is releasing a new 12" with Owen Pallett through his dance label, Jiaolong.

Due out in a week or so, the 12" is a two-tracker that sees Snaith pairing up with the violinist (himself due to release a new album, 'In Conflict', very shortly) on two minimal club rollers. Julia has the most stripped down backing track bolstered by Pallett's almost Gabryelle-esque strings, while Tiberius is a bit of dancefloor dread led by rolling toms and scratching violins – Bernard Hermann for the booty shakers. Both are sparse as it comes, and very different from anything either artist have put their name to.

Jiaolong release Julia/Tiberius "in a week or so".

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