Dan Bodan – Anonymous

Hear the despondent new single from DFA's singer-songwriter.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Dan Bodan is a singer-songwriter who lives in Berlin and released his first single, Aaron, on DFA about a year ago. Today he’s back with Anonymous, and just as the track names have moved from the realm of specificity to vague misdirection, so his musical style has become even more sparse, distant and unconventional. As the sound of what might have once been a catchy synth-pop tune plays despondently in the background, the foreground of this track displays scratchy textures, minimal bass and a soft and lonely voice that obsessively circles the same “you’re invisible” hook. An UNO vs DFA EP is incoming, with remixes of this track from Gobby, Fur and more; in the meantime, read our guide to DFA Records here.

DFA released Anonymous on the 18th June 2013.