Dan Bodan – Anonymous (Gobby remix)

Dan Bodan's tender original gets abstracted into weird music that bears little resemblance to anything else. Cheers, Gobby!


Dan Bodan makes fairly leftfield music, and it goes without saying that Gobby makes some weird sounds, but this remix of Anonymous is one of the odder things you'll hear today. Not only does it bear little resemblance to the original track, it bears little resemblance to anything. Amongst the whizzes and whirrs, space station synth pads, phantom beats and FX are fragments of Bodan's vocal, abstracted in Gobby's chaos – and that's what makes it so refreshing. The remix will see a release through DFA later this month on an EP titled 'Anonymous (The UNO Remixes)', which sees other artists from the UNO rogue's gallery offer up their own takes on the track.

DFA will release 'Anonymous (The UNO Remixes)' on July 30th.