Damu – Breathless [stream]

Rippling, expressive dubstep of the sort we never grow tired from hotly tipped producer Damu.


Words by: Charlie Jones

Following on from the ‘Mermaid’ EP on Local Action Records and the ‘Ridin’ EP on Keysound, Manchester producer Damu is now set to release his debut album on Keysound (also responsible this year for L.V. and Joshua Iden’s album ‘Routes’). His sound is one of many hues, all shiny, glistening synths and expressive ripples of bass, a bit like looking at a watercolour painting. You can now listen to album track Breathless, which chimes soothingly into life, light percussion and a wispy cooing vocal alongside a grounding but never oppressive bass presence. The drop on this one is also pretty subtly lovely, with warm brushstrokes of sound skittering in circles around each other. Listen to Breathless and have a look at the tracklist for his forthcoming album, made up entirely of new songs, with a rework of Ridin’ from his previous EP which will now come with vocals from grime MC Trim.

Breathless by Damu

Tracklist for ‘Unity’:
1. Unity
2. Breathless
3. L.O.V.E
4. After Indigo
5. Weapon #3
6. Maths Is Fine For Sum
7. Cheat When U Compete
8. Ridin’ The Hype (feat. Trim)
9. Waterfall Of Light
10. Plasm
11. Ether
12. Don’t Cry In My Bed

Keysound will release Damu’s album ‘Unity’ on 7th November 2011

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