DâM-FunK – ‘Tranquil Funk’ cassette

Stream a selection of smooth, bedroom G-funk from a long lost cassette, recorded by DâM-FunK in 1994.


DâM-FunK has shared an age old cassette of smooth G-funk to his Soundcloud. The aptly titled ‘Tranquil Funk’ was recorded in DâM-FunK’s bedroom in 1992 and given away to just two of his friends before disappearing (presumably it was buried beneath a pile of clothes, kicked under the bed and then moved to the attic a few years later). As FACT report, DâM-FunK “has a habit of putting his juvenilia on full public display”, having uploaded a tonne of long-forgotten material to his Soundcloud in the past, but nevertheless this is one of the more substantial items that he’s shared. With the lo-fi oddness of it all, right down to the tape hiss that emanates from the recording, it wouldn’t be at all out of place if it were recorded today and given a limited run cassette release. Depending on your own degree of cynicism, this either shows how far ahead of his time DâM-FunK was, or how backwards today’s Tumblr-friendly R&B is.

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