Daft Punk’s new box set is probably the biggest box set in the history of box sets

If you have $250 to spare then this deluxe edition of 'Random Access Memories' will be the ultimate Christmas treat.


Daft Punk have revealed the details of their lavish deluxe box set of 'Random Access Memories'.

Cunningly unveiled in the run-up to Christmas, the box set is presented in a cloth-bound, 13"x13" box, and includes (brace yourselves):

  • The original album, pressed to special edition 180 gram double vinyl, with gold and silver foil labels representing each helmet of "the robots".
  • A 56-page hardcover book, full of images from the album's recording sessions.
  • An interesting-sounding 10" vinyl containing an extended interview with Giorgio Moroder (the one that was edited to become Giorgio By Moroder).
  • A 70mm film strip containing five sequential frames from the Lose Yourself To Dance original production dailies.
  • Design schematics for the Daft Punk helmets.
  • A slightly boring USB drive that contains the album and respective videos in HD.

The kicker? The box set will set you back $275. So if you feel like putting even more money into Daft Punk's coffers, pre-order the album over at Daft Punk's website.

Columbia will ship the 'Random Access Memories' deluxe boxset in early December.


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