‘Get Lucky’ is the first song to sell a million copies in 2013

The people have spoken: the biggest song of the year has hit the million mark in less than three months since its release.


The ubiquity of Daft Punk’s mega-smash Get Lucky might have been wearisome for some people, but the figures suggest that it wasn’t for most: the song has had over one million sales in the UK since its release. The milestone makes Get Lucky the biggest selling single of 2013 so far, reaching the huge figure after going on sale just 69 (quiet at the back!) days ago.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, guitarist Nile Rodgers said “I’m awestruck…Get Lucky has sold a million copies is one thing, but to do it in 69 days? It’s amazing.”

It marks a decent year for Pharrell Williams, who is likewise approaching the million sale mark (they’re near 800,000) with his appearance on Robin Thicke’s misogyny anthem Blurred Lines.

Earlier this week, Daft Punk released a 10-minute remix of the single. We doubt that it counts towards the sales, but it’s worth an (extended) listen.