Daft Punk – Horizon

The Japanese bonus track from 'Random Access Memories' is actually a treat.


In lieu of a full dissection of Daft Punk’s new album, we’ll just say it here: ‘Random Access Memories’ was, after the hype, a decent record that was a little too long, had a couple of superfluous tracks, was sequenced in a way that seemed downright random at times, and had a serious headscratcher, Touch, slap bang in the middle which was really not good. But one track that was excluded from the album was Horizon, a slow, downbeat instrumental that’s actually pretty great, and might have become an understated highlight if it were included – think of Veridis Quo’s quiet excellence on ‘Discovery’ for a nice comparison. It appeared as the Japanese bonus track instead, and you can hear it at NO BPM LIMIT or below.

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