Daft Punk – Get Lucky (official remix)

Hear the 10-minute extended edit of the smash single, made by Daft Punk themselves.


A while back, Daft Punk teased that they would be reworking some of the material from recent album ‘Random Access Memories’ for the nightclub, self-remixing rather than handing over the parts to someone else. Today, the first result of this project has surfaced, with an extended 10-minute mix of Get Lucky appearing on Spotify. It plays like a classic extended 12” remix – essentially a long version of the song, the studio multitrack extended and rearranged but with a few new elements added, locking in on a hypnotic groove. In theory, anyway – on first listen, this mix sounds a little directionless until the last couple of minutes, which settle into steady, wonderful repetition. Hear the extended version via Spotify below.

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