DADRAS – Earth Don’t Stop Here


After several years of events in Brooklyn and just over a year as an established label fronted by NYC producer Rioux, Connect return fresh-faced and ready to roll as Human Pitch.

Twisting and turning through various soundscapes – including the echo of squeaky hinge and few pandemonic pads – Queens based producer DADRAS takes us through the motions with Earth Don't Stop Here, the first single taken from his upcoming album 'Rubaiyat II'. With a résumé citing New York Fashion Week showcases with Rochambeau and co-writing duties on A$AP Rocky's Dreams, DADRAS' next body of work unsurprisingly follows in the footsteps of his debut solo album 'Rubaiyat I" and is a late night creeper that sonically snakes through every nook and cranny. Dark rising echoes plod through Earth Don't Stop Here, paying compliment to the skewed vocal samples.

It's the bus you thought you'd miss but managed to board at the last second, and guess what…it doesn't stop anywhere other than where you want to go.

'RUBAIYAT II' is out this fall on Human Pitch.