Cuushe – Daze

Dreamy, twilit new music from the Japanese singer, out via Cascine and flau.


There is a galaxy of swirling nocturnal urgency at work in Cuushe's new one, Daze, a cosmic jittering of excited icy sounds, from plasma-helicopter synth to high register bleeps and sheaves of fizzing hi-hats, cradled in a two-note bounce of sub kicks. Cuushe's voice joins in the dazzling waterfall sound, letting out wordless near-whispers that punctuate the song's crescendo, much more than spontaneous ad libs – nothing like them, in fact: her voice is always part of the production, a distinctive rhythmic instrument adding to the energy of the song.

The glistening blanket of sounds in Daze was produced by flau boss, aus, who has taken up production duties for the whole of Cuushe's upcoming EP, 'Night Lines', the latest release since her beautiful 'Butterfly Case' LP came into our lives, with artist Yoko Kuno again lending her whimsical art style for the EP cover, but more sombre, fitting with the after-dark themes of the forthcoming release.

Cuushe 'Night Lines' EP tracklist:

01. Tie
02. Shadow
03. Daze
04. We Can't Stop

Cascine/flau release the 'Night Lines' EP on April 7th 2015 (pre-order).