CRAY76 – The Holy Ghost / Call My Name

New rugged yet soulful acid techno bombs from Joakim's Crowdspacer imprint.


Crowdspacer is a dancefloor-focused imprint established by DJ, producer and Tigersushi boss Joakim earlier this year with an ace single by Everyone, aka Jam City, Kindness and Joakim himself.

Their newest release comes from CRAY76, who is apparently an associate of Joakim's, and the label have uploaded both the A-side and B-side of their new single to Youtube. Call My Name is a soulful techno jam, its lush chords at odds with the rugged acid bassline and over-driven kickdrums. B-side The Holy Ghost takes a classic gospel preacher vocal and lays it over an even coarser beat.

And no, we're not really sure why there's a photo of Bill Gates on the sleeve.

The single is available to buy now from the Crowdspacer store, but frustratingly it's vinyl-only.

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