Cooly G announces new album ‘Wait ‘Til Night’

The Hyperdub artist's second album is due in October, with lyrics sketching out dreamy scenarios of seduction, lust, and sex.


Cooly G is releasing a new album called 'Wait 'Til Night' in October.

The Hyperdub artist and Dub Organizer honcho, known to her piano house producer mum as Merisa Campbell, released her last album, 'Playin Me', back in 2012. A vocal record traversing deep house, UK funky, R&B, and Coldplay covers, 'Playin Me' was one of the best records to have come out this decade. Naturally, we're stoked to hear the new one.

Once again coming out on Hyperdub, 'Wait 'Til Night' is described by Hyperdub as an album of "sensitive, lo-fi bedroom music" with lyrics that "sketch out dreamy scenarios of seduction, lust and sex." It's apparently more R&B-minded than ever – but it's still a British, Cooly G take on R&B. Hyperdub label boss Kode9 recently described the record to us: "The album alternates between Cooly parring guys, and seduction. That’s R&B, isn’t it?" The last track on the album also sees Cooly rapping.

Check out Cooly G's Dummy Mix from earlier this year, and browse the sexually-charged track names below.

Cooly G 'Wait 'Til Night' tracklist:

01. Wait 'Til Night 
02. Like A Woman Should 
03. Your Sex 
04. I Like 
05. Dancing 
06. Quick Question 
07. So Deep 
08. Want 
09. 1st Time 
10. Freak You 
11. Fuck With You 
12. 3 Of Us 

Hyperdub release 'Wait 'Til Night' on October 10th 2014.

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