Coldcut launch free music making app

Touch, swipe, tilt, and shake your mobile to make your own track with Ninja Jamm.


Words by: Natalie /

Legendary DJ duo Coldcut have launched a new music making app on Android and Apple called Ninja Jamm. Opening up electronic music to the masses, the free mixing and jamming app is available as a free download via Google Play.

The promo video above highlights the apps varied uses pretty well. Basically, its 2k15 and there's an electro banger waiting to happen at your fingertips; you can make it whilst having a picnic with your pooch, waiting for the bus, and even walking down the street with disregard to your fellow pedestrians (and you won't even be able to hear them tutting). All you have to do is touch, swipe, tilt, and shake your mobile. 

Ninja Jamm is available now via Google Play and the App Store (download).

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