Cocteau Twins best-of released on vinyl

'Stars and Topsoil: A Collection' will compile the hits of the influential band.


Words by: Charlie Jones

February 6th will see the eventual release of the Cocteau Twins’ best of, ‘Stars and Topsoil’ on vinyl. On two pieces of white vinyl will be the hits from the Scottish indie band’s ludicrously influential career, which began in the post-punk of 1979 and ended in the shoegaze of the the late 80s, encapsulating the classic 4AD sound.

LP 1
1. “Blind Dumb Deaf”
2. “Sugar Hiccup”
3. “My Love Paramour”
4. “Pearly-Dewdrops’ Drops”
5. “Lorelei”
6. “Pandora”
7. “Aikea-Guinea”
8. “Pink Orange Red”
9. “Pale Clouded White”

LP 2
1. “Lazy Calm”
2. “The Thinner The Air”
3. “Orange Appled”
4. “Cico Buff”
5. “Carolyn’s Fingers”
6. “Fifty-Fifty Clown”
7. “Iceblink Luck”
8. “Heaven or Las Vegas”
9. “Watchlar”

4AD will release The Cocteau Twins’ best-of collection ‘Stars And Topsoil’ on the 6th February 2012

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