Clubbers will literally snort anything


Dance music has, you may have read at one point, a connection to drug-taking. Now, a survey conducted by The Guardian and Mixmag has confirmed that this long historical link is still there.

Among the findings, some are be unsurprising (taking a lot of ketamine is “horrendous”) and some eye-rolling (of the 15,500, 20% have taken a powder with no idea what it was, with one saying “it’s not like you can shout out and ask what it is, or how much you should take – you just lick your finger and stick it in”). For those, like us, that presume it’s all legal highs with names like Estonian postcodes out there, the news that clubbers still take ecstasy – they are more likely to do so than smoke cigarettes – will come as a mild surprise.

Go to the Guardian website to read the full findings