Citizen – Deep End (full EP stream)

Perfect house music to soundtrack your summer picnics.


Words by: Karen Chan

Summer and house music belong to each other. While lazing around in the park under the sun and drinking your favourite sweet apple cider, what really would complete the scenario is some weighty, straight-laced house tracks. There are many UK producers in recent years who have been making explicit moves towards the old Chicago house sound but London’s Citizen, whose motto is “House Over Everything”, stands out among the vast majority because he has aimed for something more continental than the Windy City. Provided that he has already released the taut bass-driven and techno-intended ‘Vanity’ EP via Australian label Templar Sound last year, Citizen is also responsible for ‘Deep End’, the debut release for Kerri Chandler’s deep house leaning MadTech Records (an offshoot of his MadHouse label). Due for release in mid June, this four-track EP’s delicious and immaculate exuberance will serve as the perfect soundtrack to your summer picnics.

MadTech will release Citizen – ‘Deep End’ EP on 12” vinyl and digitally on 18th June, 2012