Christopher Moltisanti is hosting a show on NTS next week

The cult Sopranos star is showcasing some of his favourite shoegaze cuts on the airwaves


Words by: Felicity Martin

Sopranos actor Michael Imperioli aka Christopher Moltisanti is set to host a shoegaze special on NTS on Wednesday July 8th.

Imperioli is a cult star due to his appearance in the series, and is apparently a huge shoegaze fan, posting about his love of My Bloody Valentine on Instagram as well as about his own band, Zopa.

Set to broadcast a selection of his favourite shoegaze cuts on NTS, Michael Imperioli is stepping up for a special one-off show.

You can tune in at 6pm on July 8th via NTS.

UPDATE (9/7/20): Listen back to the show where Michael Imperioli presents ‘632 ELYSIAN FIELDS’ a selection of music inspired by A Streetcar Named Desire here.

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