Christopher Burman – While You Were Sleeping

German car museums never looked and sounded as good as they do in the custom-made ambient music and photos from Christopher Burman's new zine.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

In the first of a series of publications he’s self-releasing, Spector guitarist Christopher Burman chronicles the experience of visiting German car museums. Entitled Vehicle, the brochure is a metallic and pastel dream, featuring surreal, M. C. Escher-like portraits of the museum’s exhibits and various open spaces alongside a CD of purpose-made ambient music to guide you through the experience. It’s a fine zine, both beautiful and a bit queasy to behold, and it’s unfortunately sold out now, so we’re proud to be able to bring you a taster of it here on Dummy. Stream the track While You Were Sleeping below, and virtually leaf through some of the Vehicle photography as you do.