This year’s best Christmas giveaways

Some of the free downloads given away over the holiday period, from Gucci Mane's East Atlanta Santa to PC Music's alternate dimension Christmas number ones.


Every year, artists give away free music at Christmas as a way of saying 'cheers lol'. Once upon a time, this was the odd unreleased track, studio cast-off, or alternate take, but now it's become full albums and single commissioned specifically for the occasion.

It can be easy to miss some of these giveaways, especially if you're actually communicating with your family and loved ones on Christmas Day rather than staring at the cold glow of a laptop screen. As such, we've helpfully compiled a short guide to some of the best free downloads this Christmas – some from Christmas Day and some from the days leading up to it.

01. A. G. Cook What I Mean
Mr. PC Music released a highlight from his Personal Computer Music mix for Annie Mac Presents' Free Music Monday series.

02. Deadboy 'Saturnalia Edits' 
A free EP from the South London producer, featuring three dreamy grime bootlegs.

03. Filter Dread's Filter Pack
The former Lost Codes producer offers up a free sample pack for producers to dick about with at their leisure.

04. Gang Fatale 'Lait de Coco' EP
Neana, RaRa, and Basile all rework a 1987 French rare groove track. Expect a free download in a few days; for now, enjoy a showreel of their bootlegs.

05. GFOTY Christmas Day
GFOTY discovers the true meaning of Christmas in this heartwarming festive tale, scoring the PC Music hit factory their first of many Christmas number one singles in some other dimension.

06. Gucci Mane 'East Atlanta Santa'
It's depressing to think that the canon of Christmas songs hasn't had a new addition since Mariah Carey released All I Want For Christmas Is You in 1994, but we'd like to think that the release of Gucci Mane's Christmas album will change that and that every one of its songs will go on to be a classic for the ages.

07. Lone Life Time Loop
A bonus beat from the lush producer, capping off a year that saw him release a career best album in 'Reality Testing'.

08. Mixpak's Holiday Bundle
Mixpak's annual bundle features tracks by Rizzla, Murlo, Famous Eno, Douster, Schlachthofbronx, and more.

09. Your Twenties Round Comes December
Your Twenties is an old project of Gabriel Stebbing, former member of Metronomy, currently operating under the name Night Works. This was a limited (150 copies) 7" release back in 2009, available for free today.

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