Chemical Brothers live film ‘Don’t Think’ gets full theatrical release

The Chemical Brothers' expansive live show will hit cinemas next February.


Words by: Charlie Jones

The Chemical Brothers, with their outstanding visuals, US popularity, festival headline slots and rock-dance crossover, anticipated 2011’s extraordinary explosion of Skrillex-style stadium dubstep. The major difference is that people over the age of 19 can listen to their music, and thankfully, soon us old-timers will be able to sit down through a concert, thanks to the filming of 2011’s Fuji Rock gig by Adam Smith (the Chems’ long-time visual collaborator, not the 18th century economist).

Don’t Think, named after The Chemical Brothers’ Black Swan-sampling track (and what not to do about the show’s carbon footprint), the film attempts to capture in full the staggering live show, and will be out in selected cinemas from the 1st February 2012. Watch Don’t Think from the Fujirock 2011 show below, and get ready.

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