Check out the list of banned items at the Dirtybird BBQ

No open bottles of vitamins or massagers allowed.


Words by: Natalie /

Claude VonStroke's Dirtybird label are having a label-showcase-meets-BBQ-cookout party in Chicago this weekend. Food and house music meeting with a certain kind of smokey outdoor ambience is pretty en vogue in all-dayer party/festival land right now, and everybody is warming themselves up for an all-star line-up featuring label-head Claude himself, Justin Martin and a guest appearance from DJ Premier.

But hold up…aside from the obvious contraband like alcohol, drugs and unopened bottles of vitamins (don't leave home without 'em!) there's a whole exhaustive list of things that aren't allowed at this party. The hot contenders for everyday pocket contents that you won't be getting past security include 'coolers', 'massagers' (kinky), 'flag poles', 'unsealed eyedrop containers/tampons' and 'drones' which makes for exceptionally breezy event page reading.

No inflatables (hope Steve Aoki gets the memo) or stuffed animals either. 

· Alcohol
· No drugs or drug paraphernalia
· Large chains
· Massagers
· Laser pointers
· Spiked jewelry
· Outside food or beverages
· No flag poles or totems with metal pieces
· Coolers
· Lawn chairs
· Frisbees
· Large umbrellas
· Unsealed tampons
· Stickers
· Stuffed animals/dolls
· Professional cameras
· Inflatables including balloons
· Any illegal substance
· Audio/video recording equipment
· Marker pens
· Dust masks
· Musical instruments including whistles
· Cans/bottles/glass
· Animals (except service animals)
· Pacifiers
· Spray paint
· Weapons of any kind
· Unsealed eye drop containers
· Unopened over the counter medications
· Unopened bottle of vitamins
· Large Backpacks or Duffle Bags
· Tactical Gear
· Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (Drones)
· Any other items deemed as posing a threat to the safe enjoyment of the concert by management.

Dirtybird's BBQ takes place on August 15th in Chicago with an all-star line-up complimented by master griller, Grill$on (event page).