Charles Murdoch – ‘Weathered Straight’ [EP stream]

Classic sounds are brought into the future by the Australian producer.


Words by: Aimee Cliff

Here we have a real treat from Brisbane-based Australian producer, Charles Murdoch – his 'Weathered Straight' EP. It's released on Sydney label Future Classic, which is geared very much towards seeking out and nurturing the purveyors of actual future classics in deep electronic music.

It seems to be no different with Charles Murdoch's wildly reverbing foray into a world of clinically clean, methodical beats and finely sculptured synth. He travels from opener Why – an ambient dream of tidal synths and old-school strings – to the igloo of chill that is No Lungs with its soft mid-range synths and aching vocal samples, via the soulful singing and intense synth chords of Dekire, featuring fellow Aussie, Oscar Key Sung, and the offbeat Light Words VAO, which features the sultry voice of LA singer Steffaloo and some seriously low-slung skiffly beats. Nothing but pure joy along the way. Whilst it feels comfortable, like slipping into something familiar – here, the smooth urbanity of UK garage – it effuses an undeniable freshness that bubbles with promise.


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