Character – Hello

Gridlocked grooves and sandpaper-edged textures from new LA electronic musician Character.


Character is an electronic musician from LA. Do we know anything else about him/her? No. Do we need to? No. Not at this stage, anyway.

Character's debut EP sees the producer playing with familiar sounds – textures from noise, industrial, and ambient music; grooves from techno, rave, and hip hop – and reconfigures them into sound snippets with a forward-driving momentum. Hello is a gridlocked house track with sandpapered edges.

The EP comes out on London label Hard Up.

Character EP tracklist:

01. Ministry
02. Hello
03. Gastro
04. Infidel
05. The Maniac ii
06. Reprise

Hard Up release the 'Gastro' EP on June 8th 2015 (buy).